Friday, October 25, 2013

Proselytism, a Solemn Command; It Makes a Lot of Sense

gerund or present participle: proselytizing
  1. 1.
    convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.

And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All 

power is given to me in heaven and in 

earth. Going therefore, teach ye all nations; 

baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of 

the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to 

observe all things whatsoever I have commanded 

you: and behold I am with you all days, even to 

the consummation of the world.

(Matthew 28: 18-20)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Global Crisis

Is there any doubt that the Church is experiencing a global crisis?

Here are the results from a recent U.S. poll, compliments of Russell Shaw in Catholic World Report:

“Among the 19 percent of Catholics who described themselves as ‘committed’ in their adherence to the faith, 49 percent said it isn’t necessary for a ‘good’ Catholic to go to Mass weekly, 60 percent said good Catholics needn’t follow Church teaching on birth control, 46 percent said the same about the teaching on divorce and remarriage, 31 percent about the teaching on abortion, and 48 percent about marrying in the Church. A surprising 39 percent even said good Catholics needn’t give time or money to help the poor. To repeat: these are Catholics who think they’re committed in their faith.” (Protocols and Theologians by Russell Shaw – Catholic World Report, August 26, 2012)

Just a Reminder

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fathers... What Have We Been Preaching About?

A Lesson from the Life of ST. ANTHONY MARY CLARET

(An Excerpt from “Why the Mass Exodus to Protestantism?” by John Vennari)

I want to relate to you a little lesson St. Anthony Mary Claret gave to a priest, which took place in Madrid, Spain, before the saint came to Cuba.

A priest named Don Hermenegildo (in Spain) was known for his eloquent preaching, and one day he preached a brilliant and animated sermon. Saint Anthony Mary Claret assisted at the function.

Don Hermenegildo received many congratulations for his sermon, but Archbishop Claret did not compliment him, but quietly retired.

This greatly disturbed Don Hermenegildo, so early the next morning, he visited Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

Have You Visited Him Today?

Kneel Down Before God!

This picture speaks a thousand words. 

It shows a priest taking Holy 

Communion to the sick in Quebec, 

Canada, 1942. 

Notice the reverence of this 

family when they see the Lord passing 


For it is written: As I live, saith the Lord, every 

knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall 

confess to God. (Romans 14:11)

Global Warming Unmasked

Are the environmental movements and groups simply devoted to laudable, correct stewardship of God's creation, or do they have a more sinister, hidden agenda? Is 'global warming' being used as an excuse for something far darker? Is the final goal of the liberal elites behind the push of junk science population control, eugenics and Gaia worship?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Do You Have a Catholic Mind?

A Catholic Mind

Do you have a Catholic mind, encompassing a truly Catholic view of life?

A view once summarized as that 'which sets all earthly values within the context of the eternal, the view which relates all human problems -social, political and cultural- to the doctrinal foundations of the Catholic Faith, the view which seems all things here below in terms of God's supremacy and earth's transitoriness, in terms of Heaven and Hell.'

Read more about this in this wonderful post:

From the post by Dr. Boyd:

'Ah yes. That “doctrine” thing again. Doctrine is at the foundation of the Church. If we do not know it, believe it, and live it, how can we be Catholic? How can we bring the light of the Church – the light of Christ – to the darkened world around us? How can we have a “personal relationship” with Jesus outside those doctrinal foundations of the Church?

Again: doctrine is important! It is essential! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.'

She quotes Rod Pead too:

'It is because our thoughts are not ordered in this Catholic way that we do not hate the insidious Modernist heresy as we should; as the polluting of God's truth, which is the worst of all impurities. "Where there is no hatred for heresy," said a famous convert, "there is no holiness." And without holiness, truth rapidly becomes a dead letter and any prospect of unity dies with it.

'On the other hand, one who possesses a truly Catholic mind is alarmed by heresy! He sees that souls are being lost now! And this sense of urgency alerts him, intuitively, to the deeper implication of Cardinal Manning's contention that "all conflict is theological". He sees, in other words, that everything, every debate on whatever issue returns to Catholic moral and doctrinal realities and, therefore, that a healthy, unified Catholic Church precedes and gives rise to a healthy, unified and coherent State.'


Freemasons and the Catholic Church

Many believe the Freemasons are simply a centuries-old charitable fraternity. However, the Catholic Church has consistently condemned Freemasonry more than any other error in its history because it promotes indifferentism, naturalism, communism, and other dangerous philosophies.

Prayer for the Conversion of Freemasons

O Lord Jesus Christ, who showest forth Thine 
omnipotence most manifestly when Thou sparest and hast 
compassion, Thou who didst say, “Pray for those who 
persecute and calumniate thee,” we implore the clemency 
of Thy Sacred Heart on behalf of souls made in the image 
of God, but most miserably deceived by the treacherous 
snares of Freemasonry, and going more and more astray in 
the way of perdition. Let not the Church, thy Spouse, any 
longer be oppressed by them, but appeased by the 
intercession of the Blessed Virgin, Thy Mother, and the 
prayers of the just, be mindful of Thy infinite mercy and, 
disregarding their perversity, cause these very men to 
return to Thee, that they may bring consolation to the 
Church by a most abundant penance, make reparation for 
their misdeeds, and secure for themselves a glorious eternity. Who 
livest and reignest, world without end. Amen.

To Judge All Things

Dominica XXII Post Pentecosten. 2013

Phil 1:6-11
Matt 22:15-21

In the Epistle today, Saint Paul says: I pray, that your charity may more and more abound in knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the better things, that you may be upright and without offense unto the day of Christ. Another translation: this is my prayer: that your love may increase ever more and more in knowledge and every kind of perception, to discern what is of value, so that you may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ. Both translations are accurate and they mean the same.

What is Saint Paul praying for? He’s praying so that our charity, our love, increases in knowledge and understanding so that we can discern what is of value… so that we can discern what the better things are… because only when we are able to discern, only when we are able to discern between good and evil, we can choose the good and avoid evil.

A Warning From God

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C. 2013
Second Letter to Timothy 3:14-17.4:1-2. 
Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke 18:1-8. 

In today’s Gospel Jesus gives us a warning. He’s always caring about our salvation and so He gives us several warnings. Today He asks the question: when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth? He was asking His disciples ‘do you think that when I return there will be any faith left on earth?’

This is a question that should make us think because we would be foolish to think that it wasn’t a warning. It was a warning, a warning from God Himself.

The Common Core Curriculum

The Federal Takeover of Catholic Education

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Meaning of Marriage

Homily from a Nuptial Mass 

Today we have gathered together to celebrate the sacred union of XXXXX and XXXXX as they pledge their love to each other in the Sacrament of Marriage.

Catholic tradition teaches that marriage is a contract, a covenant and a Sacrament.

It is a contract because a man and a woman agree to live together as husband and wife for the rest of their lives… their mutual consent is the essence of this contract. It is also a covenant, a covenant with God, because it is not just a contract but a sacred contract.

So True!

One of the Best Videos Ever - A Must See!

Cleansing of the Ten Lepers

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C. 2013
·        Saint Luke 17:11-19 – Cleansing of the Ten Lepers

·     This episode from the life of Jesus Christ reminds us of the importance of gratitude, especially gratitude towards God.
·        When we give something valuable to a friend and this friend forgets to send us a word of thanks… this makes us sad, it makes us grieve somehow, it wounds us… it makes us suffer. Especially when we have given something valuable. And it hurts even more when the person who forgets to say ‘thank you’ is someone we love.
·        Well, imagine then how Our Lord must feel when we are ungrateful towards Him… His gifts are always much more precious than the things we give, and His love for us is always greater than any love we may feel too.


Dominica XXI Post Pentecosten. 2013

Matt 18:23-35

In the gospel today, Our Lord Jesus Christ reminds us of the importance of forgiveness. He tells us this parable about a servant who was forgiven an enormous debt but then refused to forgive another servant who owed him a small amount. The parable ends with this unforgiving debtor being punished for not showing mercy and for not forgiving, even though he himself had been forgiven and shown mercy.

We all know very well that Jesus Christ, more than once, told us to forgive even our enemies, and He showed us with His own example when He prayed for those who were crucifying Him.

Sometimes we think that forgiveness is not really something that we need to work on because we don’t really hold grudges or anything like that… or so we think… but we may be wrong.

The Shield of Faith

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C. 2013

Saint Luke 17:5-10

In the gospel today we read these words that the Apostles said to the Lord: Increase our faith.

This is something that we should ask for everyday; these are words that we should repeat every time we pray. Lord, increase my faith. Our faith is supposed to grow, it is supposed to increase as time passes, because we are supposed to get closer to God everyday, and we are supposed to grow in our love for Him everyday, and when our love for Him grows, our faith grows also. Those two virtues, the virtue of love that we also call the virtue of charity, and the virtue of faith, always grow together… it’s impossible to grow in our faith in God and not grow at the same time in our love for Him.

The Christian Family Under Attack

Dominica XX Post Pentecosten. 2013

Eph 5:15-21
John 4:46-53

In today’s Epistle Saint Paul tells us to walk with care, always with the wisdom of God, making the most of our time… and he says we should do this because the days are evil. The days were evil back then, in his times… and the days are evil in our times too. And maybe even more evil now…

His times were times of paganism, times in which people would worship false idols, false gods. But many people converted, thanks to the grace of God and to the work of the Apostles…

Where Are the Brave Men Now?

We need more brave men like these ones: 

Men who are willing to die for the Truth...

Men who are willing to fight for the Truth...

Men who are willing to go against the flow...

Men who are willing to die for Christ...

Men who are not with the world, who are not praised by the world, and always speak the Truth...

Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. (Matthew 5:10-12)