Saturday, November 30, 2013

Go To Confession

The proper posture for confessing one’s sins is kneeling, not sitting on a leather sectional with one’s legs crossed in Father Jazzhands’ office as you both “dialogue about your feelings”. Confess properly and you may confidently expect little miracles. (Ann Barnhardt)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hell is Real

Here's the script:

With this continual current in the Church these days of their being no Hell .. or a more popular variation on that theme .. there IS a Hell, but no humans actually in it or at least we can reasonably hope that .. a certain deformed mindset is revealed.

Supporters of such a position have failed to grasp the reality of fallen human nature in its completeness. There are actual real people walking around who simply never give God a thought .. not in any meaningful manner .. unless it is to blaspheme.

Is not a question of God NOT EXTENDING His Mercy to everyone. Of course he does. 

The problem with the “there’s not really anybody in hell” position is that is doesn’t take into account the very concrete circumstances of life.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No Worries About Hell... Church of Nice Says

Here's the script:

There is one glaring difference among believing Catholics today which constitutes the big divide on the right .. among Catholics who consider themselves to be orthodox.

And that difference is this – how much emphasis they place on the doctrine of Hell .. on their approach to Hell.

Some downplay it and act as though something substantial changed in what the Church has always taught .. and these folks are what largely constitute the Church of Nice.

Others accept and hold to HOW the Church has always approached its teaching on Hell .. and these folks are who largely constitute the more orthodox or traditional crowd.

Feast of Christ the King - Obedience, Love, Holiness

In festo Domino nostro Jesu Christi Regis. 2013

Today, as we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King, we pray that all things are restored in Christ… that all things are renewed in Him, according to God’s Will… and we pray that the peoples of the earth and all the nations finally submit to Christ and make Him the King of their hearts and souls. We pray also that all of us who are here today make Christ, for once and for all, our only King, the only King of our hearts and souls… this can only take place when there is a real struggle to renounce all sin and to always remain in the state of grace.

Monday, November 4, 2013

50 Years of Bad Catechesis and the Catholic Resistance



Here's the script for Part 2:

Yesterday’s Vortex focused on a stunningly clear interview given by His Eminence Cardinal Burke a short wile ago.

It’s stunning NOT in its clarity as related to Cardinal Burke, who is as clear as crystal – but for the presence of ANY clearly uttered statement in this epoch of vagueness and ambiguity. Thank you Your Eminence.

If you haven’t seen the episode .. we highly recommend you do.

And – to today’s episode – well, it’s a part two because it was impossible to get everything His Eminence said in to ONE vortex episode.

So to continue .. 

When questioned about the scandal of pro-abortion/same-sex marriage Catholic politicians being treated as though they are in good standing .. and hw the average Catholic can reconcile this he said …

Light Cannot Accommodate Darkness

Here's the script:

Perhaps the most disturbing fallout from the press reports about the Pope’s interview is the perception that Catholics can now let off the gas on the moral issues.

That’s absurd and patently illogical.

Yet, there are many in the Church .. some leaders in fact, who are talking in those kinds of terms .. a desire on their part to begin a subtle downplaying of the Church’s moral teachings.

Of course, they aren’t necessarily saying it EXACTLY like that, but they are striking up to the band and playing that tune.

This is manifestly evil as well as wrong-headed. The Church is in opposition to the worldly spirit. The spirit of this world is diabolical .. Our Bless Lord Himself even called Satan the prince of this world.

As such, you do not appease the spirit, not compromise with it, and you certainly don’t dialogue with it. You attack it and you defeat it.