Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why do so many 'Catholics' think as Protestants?

Back to Basics

Garrigou-Lagrange reminds us of some basic truths:

Because God is intelligent and good, he gives all people the grace of salvation. Natural law tends to a rational end. Our natural end is heaven or hell, with rewards of punishments in the afterlife.

Whether people believe in the afterlife or not does not change the truth. The problem with many Catholics is that they simply do not believe. They have lost faith. They do not see that their lives have a purpose in this life and in the next. They think all religions are the same, or that the fullness of truth is not in the Catholic Church, but in some odd pan-religion.

Catholics no longer think like Catholics for the most part, but as Protestants. Some have a rebellious spirit which means they think it is right and good to contradict Church teaching.  Few understand obedience.

When will Catholics understand that the road to perfection is locked with a gate marked, “Orthodoxy”.

Orthodoxy is rational.

Orthodoxy is not arcane or hidden knowledge, but free and not difficult to discover.

Orthodoxy clears the mind, the soul, the heart so that one can receive grace to step onto the road to holiness.

Orthodoxy is the foundation for the life of virtues and the fruition of the gifts of the spirit.

Basic truths from a great mind…