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Cincinnati Archbishop warns Christians against 'destructive message' of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

From Archbishop Schnurr: The movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, is scheduled to debut in theaters across America on February 13, 2015. The story line is presented as a romance; however, the underlying theme is that bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism are normal and pleasurable. In the story line, a young Miss Steele is urged to sign a contract becoming a sex slave and agreeing to an abusive and degrading relationship. This movie is in direct contrast to the Christian message of God’s design for self-giving and self-sacrificing love, marriage and sexual intimacy. The movie is a direct assault on Christian marriage and on the moral and spiritual strength of God’s people. We need to inform our people about the destructive message of this movie and to highlight the beauty of God’s design for loving relationships between a husband and wife in the bond of marriage.

Bishop Morlino: Only what is true can ultimately be pastoral

Bishop Robert Morlino, of Madison, Wisconsin, has strongly rejected the admission to Holy Communion of the divorced and “remarried”. 

In an interview with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN’sThe World Over he commented:

Only what is true can ultimately be pastoral and we cannot carry out something else and call it pastoral, if it doesn’t embody the truth.

He continued:

Certain doctrines are embodied in certain practices and even if you don’t change the doctrine in writing, in a written document, if you change the practice you have changed what the previous practice embodied.

He further added:

It seems to be essentially confusing to say that we are going to change the discipline, which embodies this doctrine, but we’re not going to change the doctrine. It’s almost like a mind/body split.

Asked about Cardinal Marx’s recent controversial interview in America marriage, the bishop said:
It is very clear from the book of Genesis, and forward, what the Lord intended marriage to be, Jesus clarifies it in the gospels of Matthew and Mark. He, Jesus, says that the one who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery. Those are Jesus’s words, now, how we mitigate the truth of that is beyond me.

Bishop Morlino was asked what he thought of Cardinal Burke’s statement that he would resist Pope Francis if he pursued doctrinal change. After hearing Cardinal Burke’s statement and subsequent further explanation read out Morlino responded:

I agree with that completely.

He said that he does not believe the Holy Father will attempt such a change because:

…when we are talking about marriage we are talking about the very core of society, you know, the first of all communities, if we get totally confused about that, even doctrinally in the official teaching of the Church, then I think that all is lost for society.

Girl Scout Cookies... No Thank You

Please click gold links for documentation.
Where Does the Cookie Money Go?
  • A girl's troop keeps an average of just 10 to 20 percent of the money she collects from selling cookies.
  • The local council receives an average of 65 to 75 percent of the money collected by all local troops.
  • Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) collects a royalty payment based upon its licensed trademark on every box of cookies produced.  With approximately 200 million boxes of cookies sold annually, this amounts to millions of dollars of funding for GSUSA every year.
What's the Concern About Funding Girl Scout Councils and GSUSA?
  • Girl Scouts’ curriculum for girls, sold and promoted by every local Girl Scout councilrecommends pro-abortion role models/organizations such as Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton, Amnesty Intl., Population Council, ACLU, and National Organization For Women.
  • Local Girl Scout councils and GSUSA honor and promote abortion rights advocates and pro-abortion politicians including Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Wendy Davis, and Elizabeth Warren among many others.
  • Local Girl Scout councils and GSUSA connect girls to resources promoting abortion rights and inappropriate sexual content via official Girl Scout social media accounts.
  • GSUSA is the largest member organization of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), providing 2.8 million of its 10 million girl and adult members worldwide and paying approximately 1.5 million dollars annually to WAGGGS based on the number of registered GSUSA members.
  • WAGGGS, which states that "anyone who is a Girl Guide or Girl Scout is automatically a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts," aggressively promotes youth reproductive/abortion and sexual rights, specifically on behalf of its 10 million members.
  • GSUSA maintains memberships in additional abortion advocacy groups, including the Coalition for Adolescent Girls and Re:Gender. Other organizations working alongside GSUSA in these groups include abortion providers International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International, and numerous organizations that push for unrestricted abortion rights, such as the Feminist Majority Foundation and the National Women's Law Center.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Scandalous Movie


by Bishop Paul S. Loverde 


The Virtue of Chastity

Seven years into his addiction to online porn, John wrote to tell me of his struggles. His addiction began when he misspelled a word in an online search and was taken to a hardcore porn site. When I received his letter, he was nineteen. If anything, his exposure to pornography at the age of twelve was later than some: studies reveal our children’s first exposure is even younger.
With the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, I wonder what we are saying to John and his female peers. I wonder what our decision to objectify women in situations of sexual violence—and to support the industry which fuels it—says about us and about our society? Though by the entertainment industry’s standards this movie is not classified as pornographic, it normalizes the intertwining of sex and violence, that old pornographic standby.
I have not had the privilege of a sheltered life. As a young priest and campus minister in the ’70s, I saw the early fruit of the sexual revolution: broken relationships, devaluation of sexual union, and rising divorce rates. In the lives of those I served, I saw prolonged adolescence, rising numbers of fatherless children, more addictions, and isolation. I listened, counseled, and tried to listen some more.

Usual Suspects Protest Archbishop Cordileone’s School Reforms


After years of decline from media darlings to relative obscurity, why has Call to Action USA (CTA) reemerged in San Francisco? Because Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s recent efforts to strengthen the Catholic identity of his schools tackles the central claim of Call to Action—that the Church discriminates unjustly against Catholics who are unwilling to accept or abide by Catholic moral teaching.

If San Francisco follows the lead of several other dioceses and unapologetically requires Catholic schools to employ only those who are faithful to the Church, it may be a harbinger of things to come. And the fringe dissidents don’t like it.

Archbishop Cordileone touched off a firestorm with his “Statement of the High Schools of the Archdiocese of San Francisco Regarding the Teachings and Practice of the Catholic Church.” He lays out the dos and don’ts of being an employee of a Catholic school, defining an array of practices that are not tolerated.

Read the whole article here:

Outside the Camp: a Homily by Bishop Robert Morlino

In his homily (2/15/2015) at the Mass of installation of a member of the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest as Lector and Acolyte, Bishop Morlino reflects on what it means to live ouside the camp - a place of isolation and shame. We must join Jesus outside the camp and suffer with Him as we carry our crosses.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Subtle Heresy in the Heart of the Church

Attempt to divide doctrine and pastoral practice is a ‘subtle heresy’: Vatican’s doctrine chief says

by Hilary White

The attempt to separate the Catholic Church’s teaching from her practice is “heresy” according to the Vatican’s highest doctrinal official.
“Each division between ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ of the faith would be a reflection of a subtle Christological ‘heresy,’” Cardinal Gerhard Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, told a recent gathering of the International Theological Commission. Such a division could only be the result of “a division in the mystery of the eternal Word of the Father, who became flesh.”
Muller’s remarks were published earlier this month by the Vatican’s own newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano.
It has always been the teaching of Christianity that “knowledge of God” is ordered to “the ultimate end of man, for man’s salvation,” Müller said, citing the First Vatican Council in the 19th century. There can never be “a gap or a conflict between the understanding of faith and pastoral or practice of the lived faith.” Therefore, all “authentic theology” grows out of and remains consistent with the “theory.”
“You could say that the whole theological thinking, all our scientific investigations always have a profound pastoral dimension. Both the dogmatic, moral or other theological disciplines always have their own pastoral dimension,” Müller said.  
The Christian faith “is not an irrational one,” he said. Theology “examines, in a rational discourse on faith, harmony and consistency of the various intrinsic truths of faith, which spring from the only foundation of the revelation of the Triune God.” Nor is theology “a pure speculation or theory detached from the life of believers.”
As prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Church’s highest doctrinal authority under the pope, Cardinal Müller has been one of the principal opponents of the proposal by Cardinal Walter Kasper and the German Catholic bishops to change the practice of the Church to allow divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive the Sacraments without a change in their lives.

Ombrellino for Holy Week

Dear fellow Catholic,

Are you familiar with this image?

We all should be familiar with it because this is something very Catholic.  What we see in the image is an ombrellino

A little bit of information about this: 

Two kinds of canopy are employed in processions of the Blessed Sacrament. One of small dimensions and shaped like an umbrella--except that it is flat and not conical is called an ombrellino. It is provided with a long staff by which it is held. The other, called a baldacchino, is of more elaborate structure and consists, in main outline, of a rectangular frame-work of rich cloth, supported by four, six, or eight staves by which it is carried. In both cases the covering consists of cloth of gold, or silk of white color. The ombrellino is used for carrying the Blessed Sacrament to the sick and for conveying it from the altar to the baldacchino. The latter is used for all public processions, when it is borne by nobles of the highest rank, the more worthy holding the foremost staves. It is forbidden to carry relics of the saints under the baldacchino, but this honour may be given to those of the Sacred Passion (Cong. of Rites, May, 1826).

At St. Norbert Parish (Roxbury, WI) we already have the 'baldacchino' (processional canopy) thanks to the generosity of our parishioners. But we still need the ombrellino for what should be a perfect Holy Week celebrated in the most reverent and traditional way possible. Our Lord deserves it. 

You can donate here:
May God reward your generosity!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Do you know about the Real St Valentine?

by Dr Taylor Marshall

Open letter by Archbishop on the crisis in the Church

RORATE EXCLUSIVE: Open letter by Archbishop on the crisis in the Church

'It is difficult to believe that Pope Benedict XVI freely renounced his ministry as successor of Peter.'

'I am forced to resort to this public means of expression because I fear that any other method would be greeted by a brick wall of silence and disregard.'

'... increasingly evident that the Vatican through the Secretariat of State has taken the course of political correctness.'

Rorate Caeli has obtained an exclusive copy of the English version of a rare open letter from an Archbishop on the crisis of the Church.

The letter, written by His Excellency Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, bishop emeritus of the Diocese of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, hopefully will serve as a much-needed wake-up call to Catholics who have buried their heads in the sand for far too long.

Let us pray more of his brother bishops will have the faith -- and the backbone -- to stand up and be heard before there's nothing left to defend.

Reflections on some current problems of the crisis of the Catholic Church
I had the experience of living with priests who were in Stalinist prisons and camps and who nevertheless remained faithful to the Church. During the time of persecution they fulfilled with love their priestly duty in preaching Catholic doctrine thereby leading a dignified life in the imitation of Christ, their heavenly Master.

I completed my priestly studies in an underground Seminary in the Soviet Union. I was ordained a priest secretly during the night by a pious bishop who himself suffered for the sake of the faith. In the first year of my priesthood I had the experience of being expelled from Tadzhikistan by the KGB.
Subsequently, during my thirty-year stay in Kazakhstan, I served 10 years as priest, caring for faithful people in 81 localities. Then I served 20 years as bishop, initially as bishop of five states in Central Asia with a total area of around four million square kilometers.

In my ministry as a bishop I had contact with Pope Saint John Paul II, with many bishops, priests and faithful in different countries and under different circumstances. I was member of some assemblies of the Synod of Bishops in the Vatican which covered themes such as “Asia” and “The Eucharist”.
This experience as well as others give me the basis to express my opinion on the current crisis of the Catholic Church. These are my convictions and they are dictated by my love of the Church and by the desire for her authentic renewal in Christ. I am forced to resort to this public means of expression because I fear that any other method would be greeted by a brick wall of silence and disregard. 

I am aware of possible reactions to my open letter. But at the same time the voice of my conscience will not allow me to remain silent, while the work of God is being slandered. Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church and showed us in word and deed how one should fulfill the will of God. The apostles to whom He bestowed authority in the Church, fulfilled with zeal the duty entrusted to them, suffering for the sake of the truth which had to be preached, since they “obeyed God rather than men”.

Unfortunately in our days it is increasingly evident that the Vatican through the Secretariat of State has taken the course of political correctness. Some Nuncios have become propagators of liberalism and modernism. They have acquired expertise in the principle “sub secreto Pontificio”, by which one manipulates and silences the mouths of the bishops. And that what the Nuncio tells them appears as it would be almost certainly the wish of the Pope. With such methods one separates the bishops from one another to the effect that the bishops of a country can no longer speak with one voice in the spirit of Christ and His Church in defending faith and morals. This means that, in order not to fall into disfavour with the Nuncio some bishops accept their recommendations, which are sometimes based on nothing other than on their own words. Instead of zealously spreading the faith, courageously preaching the doctrine of Christ, standing firm in the defense of truth and of morals, the meetings of the Bishops’ Conferences often deal with issues which are foreign to the nature of the duties of the successors of the apostles.

One can observe at all levels of the Church an obvious decrease of the “sacrum”. The “spirit of the world” feeds the shepherds. The sinners give the Church the instructions for how she has to serve them. In their embarrassment the Pastors are silent on the current problems and abandon the sheep while they are feeding themselves. The world is tempted by the devil and opposes the doctrine of Christ. Nevertheless the Pastors are obliged to teach the whole truth about God and men “in season and out”.

However, during the reign of the last holy Popes one could observe in the Church the greatest disorder concerning the purity of the doctrine and the sacredness of the liturgy, in which Jesus Christ is not paid the visible honour which he is due. In not a few Bishop’s Conferences the best bishops are “persona non grata”. Where are apologists of our days, who would announce to men in a clear and comprehensible manner the threat of the risk of loss of faith and salvation?

In our days the voice of the majority of the bishops rather resembles the silence of the lambs in the face of furious wolves, the faithful are left like defenseless sheep. Christ was recognized by men as one who spoke and worked, as one, who had power and this power He bestowed upon His apostles. In today’s world the bishops must liberate themselves from all worldly bonds and – after they have done penance – convert to Christ so that strengthened by the Holy Spirit they may announce Christ as the one and only Saviour. Ultimately one must give account to God for all that was done and for all what wasn't done.

In my opinion the weak voice of many bishops is a consequence of the fact, that in the process of the appointment of new bishops the candidates are insufficiently examined with regard to their doubtless steadfastness and fearlessness in the defense of the faith, with regard to their fidelity to the centuries-old traditions of the Church and their personal piety. In the issue of the appointment of new bishops and even cardinals it is becoming increasingly apparent that sometimes preference is given to those who share a particular ideology or to some groupings which are alien to the Church and which have commissioned the appointment of a particular candidate. Furthermore it appears that sometimes consideration is given also to the favour of the mass media which usually makes a mockery of holy candidates painting a negative picture of them, whereas the candidates who in a lesser degree own the spirit of Christ are praised as open and modern. On the other side the candidates who excel in apostolic zeal, have courage in proclaiming the doctrine of Christ and show love for all that is holy and sacred, are deliberately eliminated.

Girl Scout Cookies: Now That I Know, No Thank You


Facebook/Girl Scout Cookies
– Facebook/Girl Scout Cookies
January is a time of year when the pro-life spotlight shines especially bright.
In an ironic coincidence, last month’s commemorations marking Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the landmark Supreme Court decisions that legalized abortion in 1973, coincide with Girl Scout cookie season in most areas of the country. This iconic organization and its fundraising product have become an increasing flashpoint for pro-lifers, as more and more become aware of the numerous concerns regarding the Girl Scout organization.
In January 2014, numerous pro-life groups organized a “cookiecott” that garnered significant media attention. Given the public’s increasing awareness and response to these concerns, one might reasonably assume that Girl Scouts USA would move away from the controversy. Instead, the organization continues to involve its members in abortion advocacy and promote women and organizations that advocate for abortion rights. Examples since 2014’s Cookiecott include:

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