Thursday, May 21, 2015

Building an altar: UPDATE

See UPDATE below. 

We are building an altar for the Corpus Christi procession that we will have with Bishop Morlino on Thursday, June 4th, after a Pontifical Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form. 

This will take place at the Bishop O'Connor Center. Everybody is encouraged to attend. 

Building the altar hasn't been easy, but it has been a very rewarding experience. We are not done yet and there's still a lot of work to do. 

Thanks to Mr. Clyde Nelson who is doing most of the work. Here you can see some of the progress. 

We drove all the way to a garage sale in Illinois for these columns!

In these pictures the columns are upside down. 

This is far from done, and the final result promises to look spectacular. Our Lord deserves it! 

Pray for this project! And if you have any suggestion or brilliant idea, let me know ( 

The next picture is a blooper, for your enjoyment: 

At one point and for some reason we thought this could look beautiful! 

Then we realized it looked more like a fifth grader's science project!  :) 

UPDATE (as of May 21st): 

Things are going well, as you can see in these pictures: 

Unfortunately, this roof structure had to be discarded and we had to make a new one from scratch. 

Here's the new, nicer roof structure! 

Making a nice abode for His Majesty!

The flower pots and pedestals are not where they should be... they're just there to hold the cloth in place momentarily... 

This is far from done yet!

As I said, this is not finished yet. There's still a lot of work to do. 

And now I need to ask you for help!

Can you please donate towards the FLOWERS (hundreds of them) that we will put in the several flower pots that we will have around this altar? 

Actually, we need flowers for THREE altars of Benediction: the two exterior ones (including the one above) and the one inside the church. 

Please consider donating towards this!

If you want to donate, you can follow this link:

Thank you!

God bless you.

Fr. Alex Navarro

New Update (May 27th): 

Not sure yet if this is the way we want the IHS sign on the roof. We were just experimenting. 

We are putting together something for the front of the altar that will function as an antependium. Now, I have a friend who is almost a professional and definitely a perfectionist and who has been working on an antependium for St. Norbert for months and months and who would be very much shocked (horrified?) if she finds out we are putting an antependium together in a matter of days (actually hours). But that's all the time we've got! Thanks to Mrs. Carol Nelson for taking care of this job. Since Mr. Clyde Nelson has done most of the work and now Carol is working hard too, sometimes I wonder, should this altar be known as 'The Nelson Altar'? :)

Adding a nice tassel trim. The Scotch tape will be removed, of course! :)

This is how the center of the altar will probably look. 

The devil doesn't want this to be finished. This accident was a great setback (the columns were seriously damaged from the impact and now they are very unstable) and we are running out of time. Please pray for this project!

Latest pictures (June 3rd):